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The Voice - Season 14 LIVE SHOWS!

Date: Tuesday May 1
Time: 2:30 PM
Where: Los Angeles Area, CA
Age: 16 +

"The Voice" is America's top Vocal Competition show, with Star Coaches such as Blake Shelton (S1-14), Adam Levine (S1-14), Christina Aguilera (S1-3,5,8,10), Cee Lo Green (S1-3,5), Usher (S4,6), Shakira (S4,6), Pharrell Williams (S7-S10), Gwen Stefani (S7,S9,S12), Alicia Keys (S11-S12,S14), Miley Cyrus (S11, S13), Jennifer Hudson (S13) and Kelly Clarkson (S14).

During the Blind Auditions, Our Coaches will choose members for their teams based soley on Vocal Performance.  The Coaches listen to each performance while facing away from the artists.  If a Coach wants that Vocalist on his/her team, he/she will hit the button, and spin the chair around.  At that moment, the Artist becomes a member of that Coach's team... unless another  Coach hits his/her button.  At that point, the Artist gets to decide to go with whichever Coach he/she believes can serve him/her the best in this competition, and his/her career!

During the Battle Rounds, each Artist will square off against another member of his/her Coach's team to determine who will advance as team members to the Playoffs.

The Playoffs consist of a team-by-team competition, in which each Coach chooses three out of the remaining five artists to continue into the Live Rounds.

During the Live Rounds, all team competition is thrown out the window and the top artists face off in both Group and Solo performances over 5 weeks to determine who will be named Champion of "The Voice!

HOSTED BY Carson Daly


Everyone must be at least 18 years old and have a valid state/government issued ID or passport (with a visible date-of-birth) to attend a taping.

Please be aware that cameras, cell phones, PDAs, pagers, large bags, backpacks, food or drinks will NOT be allowed in the venue.

Everyone must pass through a security check, including a metal detector, before being seated. To expedite the process (and save time for everyone) please leave all over-sized bags and purses in your vehicle, if possible.

Handicap accessibility is limited due to space constraints and safety concerns. Any special accommodations are subject to availability and are at the discretion of the studio. You must email after requesting your tickets so that we may assist you, if:

  • You require a wheel chair at all times
  • You use a wheel chair but can walk/sit in bleachers
  • You require assistance with stairs
  • You are hard of hearing


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