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Hailee Steinfeld Performance

Date: Wednesday June 28
Time: 6:30 PM
Where: New York, NY
Age: 18 +
Performing Hailee Steinfeld

Be a part of the NBC Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular!


Sara Bareilles will perform LIVE!


Please refer to your 1iota e-ticket

We recommend UPSCALE, TRENDY ATTIRE. Dressy jeans will be permitted. Because everyone will be on camera at some point throughout the entire taping, it is important to adhere to these guidelines. When you look great, the show looks great! PLEASE DRESS ACCORDINGLY, THIS IS AN OUTDOOR EVENT ON A ROOF TOP!!!

Don'ts: NO solid white shirts, baseball hats, shorts or large logos. You will be turned away if you wear any of these items.

Everyone must be at least 18 years old and have a valid state/government issued ID or passport (with a visible date-of-birth) to attend a taping.

Please be aware that large bags, backpacks, food or drinks will NOT be allowed in the venue.

All 1iota ticket holders must pass through a security check, including a metal detector, before entering the venue. To expedite the process (and save time for everyone) please leave all over-sized bags and purses in your vehicle, if possible. We will not be able to check any items.


  • 1iota tickets are FREE, so we overbook slightly and cannot guarantee admission.
  • 1iota tickets cannot be sold. Do not buy tickets from any source because they will not be honored.
  • 1iota tickets are non-transferable. If approved, only you may use the tickets you are requesting.
  • The ticket request process is not a contest; you cannot win tickets.
  • Please request only the number of tickets you will actually use. Unused tickets can adversely affect future approvals.
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