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2017 NFL Draft Theater: Rounds 6-7

Date: Saturday April 29
Time: 3:00 PM
Where: Philadelphia, PA
Age: 18 +

Drafted Fans inside the NFL Draft Theater will have access to limited reserved seating throughout the theater as seats become available throughout the night.  It is important to note that these seats may only be available for a temporary time period, and you may be asked to change seats or move around the theater depending on when seats open up.

On occasion, you may be seated beside a current NFL player or NFL Legend.  We ask that you DO NOT request autographs or photos. Doing either of these may result in your removal from the venue.  We want everyone to have a positive experience.

Some additional Drafted Fan questions:

  • Will I get to sit next to my friends? There is no guarantee. It depends how many seats open up in the same area. It is possible that there will only be one seat.
  • How often will I have to move around? Movement only happens during commercial breaks and must happen quickly. About 80% of participants, once seated, will never have to move. The rest may move once or twice, usually to a better seat.
  • Do I have to get up if someone comes back to their seat? Yes. You should politely rise and move to another empty seat.
  • Where do I go if someone returns to their seat? You may move to another empty seat.
  • Will I always get a seat? No. It is possible that ALL seats will be full and you will be asked to wait in the Drafted Fan holding area.
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